80 Commemorative Speech Topics for Different Occasions

Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech is a kind of talk usually given at special events to celebrate a person, group, event, situation, place, institution, ideas e.t.c. It is commonly used to recall someone or something/to show respect.

In an ideal world, giving a commemorative speech would require that you simply pick the words right from your heart and say them out loud the way you feel about the situation. However, this is not an ideal world. And if you’re like most people, you have to prepare very well before giving a commemorative speech. Why? Because not everyone can write a perfectly crafted speech or get topics for their speech without some help.

A commemorative speech may include your thoughts on the challenges you are about to face. It could also be about the importance of some skills you acquired during your education, and so on. Some examples of commemorative speech topics will be cited as you keep reading.

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Ceremonial Speech Topics

You may have to give a ceremonial speech on different occasions at some point in your life. These ceremonies may be a wedding ceremony, a retirement ceremony, or even a burial ceremony. But whatever the ceremonial occasion, your speech should mark a show of respect for the event. Below are some suggestions of nice topics for ceremonial speech.


  1. A burial celebration of a comrade
  2. An anniversary toast
  3. Promotion of a friend at work
  4. The value of humanity in a self-centered world
  5. Human courage (hero or a policeman)
  6. Strength of character
  7. Selfless dedication in a tutor
  8. A disease eradication example (worldwide eradication of the coronavirus)
  9. Independence and/the feeling of freedom
  10. A birthday celebration

Funny Commemorative Speech Topics

A funny commemorative speech topics list may entail ridiculing oneself or a situation. It could be pointing out some absurdities that demonstrate how funny and unreasonable humans can be. Some examples of funny commemorative speech topics are:


  1. Growing up is a trap – don’t fall for it.
  2. Prohibited things become twice as tempting.
  3. Children are the only ones who benefit from marriage.
  4. “If you think you are too insignificant to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
  5. Life aims to always be looking for temptation.
  6. Ignorance is happiness.
  7. Being honest completely is a straight road to hell.
  8. A way to a man’s heart is to go through his stomach.
  9. The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off.
  10. How to be hot like ice

Commemorative Speech Topics For College Students

Most of the time, a college commemorative speech is usually delivered during a graduation ceremony to show gratitude towards any teaching staff, peers, or family members who have positively impacted the lives of the students. In this context, here are some examples of commemorative speech topics for college students:


  1. The history of inventions
  2. Tribute to women
  3. Gratitude  to one parent
  4. Importance of humility in the world
  5. Praise to distinguished personalities
  6. Celebrating the value of religion
  7. Acknowledging the value of health care
  8. Praise to the birth of democracy of a nation
  9. Tribute to one of the best professors on campus
  10. How to make the most of your college days.

Good Commemorative Speech Topics

A good commemorative speech should be a speech that creates an impact on its audience. It should either gear the audience up to continue with a particular character or make the audience learn from a particular character that added value and morals to the society. In short, a good speech seeks to entertain, engage and move others.   Here are some examples of good topics for a commemorative speech:


  1. Tributes to the courageous soldiers who lay down their lives for their nation
  2. Celebrating the beginning of freedom in the world
  3. Paying tribute to doctors who helped save lives
  4. Celebrating distinguished men and women who displayed loyalty to their countries
  5. Showing gratitude for the end of slavery in the world
  6. Celebrating the accomplishment of a task
  7. Paying tribute to leaders that make the world a better place
  8. Celebrating the global eradication of diseases (poliovirus)
  9. Tribute to the women’s rights movement
  10. Tributes to human rights activists who fought for freedom

Ceremonial Speech Topics For Public Speaking

As the name explains, this is a type of commemorative speech topic that is mostly given in public to an audience regarding a particular course. A ceremonial speech is an emotional speech that marks a major event or an occasion. Some examples of topics for ceremonial speech are:


  1. The job promotion of a colleague
  2. A wedding toast
  3. Toasting to the worst date you have ever been on
  4. Eulogy to an intimate but lost colleague
  5. Praise to an athlete who won a race
  6. Coach retirement
  7. An anniversary of loving couples
  8. A toast to the best romantic date you have had
  9. An academic award acceptance speech
  10. How to become a better salesperson

Commemorative Speech Topics About Child

Most of the time, providing suitable speech topics for children is often challenging. As a concerned parent or teacher, you would want a subject that stimulates interest in the hearts of the kids. Why? Because this will help them familiarise themselves with the concepts and understand them better. Below are some tribute speech topics that help fire children’s imaginations and help them discuss subjects they love to talk about.


  1. Explain why dogs are better than cats
  2. Explain the story behind the extinction of dinosaurs on planet earth
  3. Show how to make a plane using papers
  4. Tell us about the world largest animal (the blue whale)
  5. Talk about the world’s tallest animal (the giraffe)
  6. Talk about the bad effect of air pollution and how to reduce it
  7. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
  8. Talk about your favorite sport
  9. Talk about the fairy tale or cartoon character you would like to be
  10. How superheroes change the world as we see it

Meaningful Topics For Commemorative Speech

Meaningful topics for commemorative speech in this context usually entail morals and are not just said for entertainment. Some topics are heartfelt and speak meaning to the audience. Below are examples of meaningful good tribute speech topics that help make our world a better place to live in.


  1. A eulogy in honor of one who has recently passed away
  2. A graduation speech presented at a ceremony of diplomas and degree students
  3. A farewell speech for one who is leaving a job
  4. Gratitude to one parent /tutor
  5. A retirement speech
  6. An anniversary speech in honor of a loving couple
  7. How honesty is the best policy
  8. How you have grown mentally and intellectually since you enrolled in college
  9. The quality of education you received and the opportunity that follows it
  10. How to live an impactful life after retirement

Easy Commemorative Speech Topics

An easy commemorative speech is usually a speech with a topic that is commonly and easily thought about. Some examples of easy topics for commemorative speech are:


  1. A tribute to my kindergarten teacher, who instilled in me the true meaning of discipline.
  2. A tribute to soldiers who give their lives in the service of their country.
  3. Tribute to my parents
  4. Tribute to an eminent personality
  5. Television shows that shape our values and morals
  6. Tribute to my mother for raising me in the best way possible with a lot of love and affection
  7. Celebrating the role of scientists in technology and innovation
  8. The first time you earned money for yourself
  9. The day I recovered from an illness that threatened to end my life
  10. The first time you lost everything you earned



So here we are! 80 commemorative speech topics for different occasions. We hope this guide has provided you with some brilliant commemorative speech topics! The best commemorative topic would be the one that includes both your passion for the topic and your target audience.

Remember to choose a topic you can easily deliver in a confident manner. Also, don’t forget to write out all the ideas and prompts you have in mind to avoid missing anything. Make sure the topic leaves an impression on your audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an excellent commemorative speech topic?
An excellent commemorative speech topic should create an impact on its audience. It should inspire the audience to continue with a particular character or make them learn from a particular character that added value and morals to society. A good speech should entertain, engage and motivate others.
How can you ensure that your commemorative speech leaves an impression on your audience?
To ensure that your commemorative speech leaves an impression on your audience, choose a topic that resonates with them, write out all the ideas and prompts you have in mind, and practice your delivery. A well-prepared and confidently delivered speech will leave a lasting impression on your audience.