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Social media research topics

Using social networking platforms is not a new thread. It has existed for a few decades and will continue to exist for years to come. Without a doubt, it is possible to conclude that anyone reading this article is registered with a social media company for a chat, hookups, dates, connections, or any reason at all.

Analyzing why netizens use social networking platforms has never been a concluded issue. Individuals join social platforms to meet up with long-lost friends or find new ones. However, the not-so-popular reason for the use of social platforms is that people join to find answers.

Answers to virtually everything are constantly being looked up on social platforms. Researchers often conduct online polls, ask social network research questions, create social media research paper topics on social forums, and often combine social network and scientific research to answer statistical questions.

If you’re a researcher or just a curious chap who needs to find answers to academic research on social forums, you will find this article interesting. This post provides suggestions on the kind of social media research paper topics you need and how to get answers to them.

How to Select Social Media Research Topic

The first thing to put at the back of your mind when looking for social media research paper topics is that your topic must raise questions and curiosity in the readers’ hearts. If this factor is put into consideration, the following points would surely be of help.

  1. Find the Right Sources

The problems with selecting research topics on social forums mainly lie in the quality of sources cited in the social network research papers. Most sites or links shared/referenced by authors are often littered with annoying ads and other spammed links.

Every author needs to know that readers do not need to scroll for minutes before getting the point of the paper. Limit the ambiguity in your paper too.

  1. Use Frequently Asked Questions

It is worthy of note that the requirements of social forums research are pretty different from normal or professional ones. If social media platforms and scientific research should go hand in hand, the unwritten rules of both sections should be considered.

For example, a general rule on social platforms posts is to write something people are curious about. Incorporating that into an academic paper should be a fling. The answers to these curiosity questions should be subtly written in the body or any other part of the social media research paper topics.

Social Media Addiction Research Topics

Addiction to social media platforms is not news. Up to 70% of young folks are unintentionally addicted to a social networking app or the other. Hence, the need for researchers to study the trend of addiction in their contemporary world.

The following are lists of some social media research paper topics that address social platform addiction in young adults.

  1. Addiction to Social Media: Does it stop with age?
  2. Weighing the positives of Social Media addiction
  3. Are you Introverted or Just a social media freak?
  4. The effects of social media addiction on young adults education
  5. Flipped classroom and extreme Social Media use: how do they relate
  6. Can Parents control children’s extreme social media usage?
  7. Social Media addiction and possible mental illnesses
  8. Social Media addiction and the social structure
  9. Is maintaining an excellent Social media image the only reason for its addiction?
  10. Religious Extremism and Social Media addiction: How related?
  11. Are age restrictions necessary to curb social media addiction?

Social Media and Mental Health Research Topics

For some years now, mental illnesses have been traced to addictive social media use. Many suffer from mental disorders associated with stalking, cyberbullying, racial slurs, and even religious extremism.

Check this list for social media research paper topics suggestions.

  1. Mental Health wellbeing and social media use: The connection
  2. The Candy Story: How a beautiful social media opportunity becomes a mental health issue
  3. Cyberbullying and its impacts on adolescents
  4. Being a perfect model: How an idea of a social media model changes how you see yourself
  5. Compulsive eating disorders and online gaming
  6. How social media can help address mental health problems
  7. Self-Image and the Social Media Narrative.
  8. Anxiety and Obsession; A by-product of social media addiction?
  9. Borderline personality disorder: How excessive Media use can make you cross the line
  10. Relationship between social media and severe depression

Social Media and Body Image Research Topics

Impressing people has always been the narrative in any social forum app. An obsession with the ideal body type won’t be wanted for social forum sites that require posting constant pictures.

Numerous ideologies have sprung up over the years. People keep coming up with unique body images that they think suit them and their followers. This makes this aspect of social media an interesting research area. However, choosing a topic may still be quite difficult, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to think about one. Anyway, we have done the hard work for you.

Check below for social media research paper topics that relate to body image and social media platforms.

  1. Body shaming on social media and its effects on mental health
  2. The false ideal social media body and how it influences your body image.
  3. Checking for makeup kits on social media; is it a good idea?
  4. Self-Image before and after  social media creation
  5. Social media modeling: differentiating lies and truth.
  6. The hyperbole in social media marketing: how far is how far?
  7. Are celebrities the best role models?
  8. Birthdays and extravagant spending: a high school student story
  9. Identifying your sexuality the social media way.
  10. Size fits all fashion trends: if it is trendy, does it mean it’s good for me?

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

Anyone trying to find a research topic for social media marketing should try any of these:

  1. The impacts of Facebook ads on purchase behavior and intentions
  2. Gossip blogs and their impacts on brands
  3. Appealing to a sense of social responsibility: a case study of the covid-19 social media campaign
  4. Sports celebrities and how their social media posts can make or mar
  5. When do advertisements become annoying: analysis of the reactions of New Yorkers to pop up ads
  6. Is conversational marketing a good idea on Instagram
  7. Digital Marketing and SEO topics
  8. Affiliate Marketing and target audiences
  9. Web analytics and consumer behavior
  10. Naming a benchmark and goal setting

Dopamine and Social Media Research Topics

Dopamine and Social media use have become increasingly connected due to discoveries by researchers showing the secretion of the former in small quantity anytime social media is used.

  1. Battle against addiction: dopamine, social media, and you
  2. How much of your brain do you use on social media
  3. The brain’s reward; an insight to why we like, comment, and share posts
  4. The anatomy of the brain; describing its use through the social media
  5. The social media psychology; how close is a cure?
  6. Social Media addiction: The dopamine’s reward

Mass Media Research Topics

Do you want to research mass media? Then you shouldn’t worry about coming up with a topic. We got you covered. Here’s a list of research topics centered around mass media.

  1. Mass Media and its help during wars
  2. Starting a holy war in social media
  3. The history of social media advertisements and their impact on local businesses
  4. HYPE- how a grammatical construct can impact how a piece of news is viewed
  5. Social media censors vs. controversial topics: what are the criteria for censorships
  6. Can video games be a consistent form of social media?
  7. Media Psychology and the Irony of truth
  8. Location differences and a version of the truth
  9. Virtual reality and how deep terrorism has seen into it
  10. Are the days of Radios going extinct?

Ethical Issues in Social Media Research Topics

An increasingly popular research tool for most young people is the mass media websites. The popularity in use, however, does not address the ethical issues being raised.

Some of these issues are highlighted below;

  • Privacy

Social media has always been a ‘no man’s land.’ It’s like eating a plate of sausage in seagulls’ territory. Almost everyone is trying to creep into your little niche, using your information and even stealing your account.

These big issue doesn’t exclude most researchers. It has been reiterated in many countries that researchers, especially public health workers, should be provided with sets of guidelines that will help them conduct their researches without breaking ethical principles.

  • Authenticity

Proofing the originality of statistics, results, questionnaires, or information generally gotten from social media websites is difficult.

For example, if social media elections are done, it often doesn’t come out the same as those conducted in real life.

Social media users are usually influenced by many things, including online incentives, social media pressure, and the absence of privacy. Therefore, the information provided as the basis of the research is not always entirely authentic.

  • Anonymity

No matter how you set your social networks application, it remains traceable. Just editing or changing a post even leaves a post edit history.

The challenge poses a considerable problem to researchers. For public health researchers, individuals find it difficult to release information concerning their health because they know how difficult it is to remain anonymous after supplying such information.

At the same time, the ease of creating and deleting mass media accounts has also raised numerous questions. Many hateful and bitter people, to vent anger, create social network accounts with different names to brandish fascist slurs and online bullying.

Apart from the savage attacks on social networks, these false accounts can significantly impact percentage calculation and information gathering for research on mass media.

Having addressed essential points related to research questions about mass media and social networking platforms, the following are some social media research paper topics about essential spheres that you will find helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good social media thesis topic?
A good social media thesis topic should be specific, relevant, and timely. Some potential topics include the impact of social media on mental health, the use of social media in political campaigns, and the influence of social media on consumer behavior.
Why should you choose a social media research paper writer?
Choosing a social media research paper writer can help ensure your paper is well-researched, properly cited, and written clearly and concisely. A professional writer can also provide valuable insights and help you to develop your ideas and arguments, making you confident in the quality of your research paper.