120 Interesting Informative Essay Topics for Students

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Students are always searching for unique, fun and informative topics to write about. Consequently, finding a topic that meets all your requirements can be quite challenging. You have nothing to worry about because there are thousands of options to choose from out here. We have narrowed down a variety of fascinating essay topics to choose from.

The topics intend to keep your audience engaged, so keep reading to find a topic that sparks your interest and kickstarts your writing.

What Is an Informative Essay? 

An informative essay is academic writing that aims to educate or inform the student about a particular topic. The basic purpose of an informative essay is to offer information on a particular subject briefly and indistinctly.

Compared to argumentative essays that try to convince the reader to partake in a certain viewpoint, informative essays focus on providing facts and objective information.

The goal of an informative essay is not to convince the audience but to provide knowledge to help them make a well-versed decision or formulate their own opinion.

Informative essays follow an ordinary structure that includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction contains a background of the topic in discussion and a thesis statement or major idea of the essay. 

The body paragraphs contain detailed research information on the topic, such as statistics, examples and all relevant proofs.

The conclusion summarizes the major points discussed in the essay and emphasizes more on the thesis statement.

How To Pick An Informative Essay Topic

When choosing informative essay topics, the following things should be considered;

  • Start by categorizing all the topics you have an interest in or knowledge about. This will help you be more engaged when writing and researching the topic.
  • Conduct initial research to see if there is adequate information available on the topic. You can use journals, books, or publications to collect information.
  • Once you get a comprehensive idea, narrow it down to a particular topic that you can carefully cover in your research essay. This will make it easier to establish your ideas and research.
  • Evaluate who your audience will be and elect a topic that will be interesting and relevant to them. Also, ensure your topic is not too precise or too extensive.
  • Avoid choosing a controversial topic. Although they are interesting, they can also be conflict-ridden making them unsuitable for an informative essay.
  • Lastly, ensure all your sources are reliable and trustworthy.

Good Informative Essay Topics

When looking for informative paper topics, you need to narrow down all your research sources to avoid plagiarism.  Whether you are explaining how to make pasta or the importance of working out, you must insert sources at the end of your essay. Luckily, we have provided examples of informative essay topics to make your work easier and boost your creativity.

  1. Discuss the impact of fast food on health
  2. What is the impact of social class on educational accomplishment?
  3. What is the impact of drug addiction on society?
  4. Discuss the history and impact of the Civil War
  5. Explain the effects of air pollution on Human Health
  6. What are the ethics of animal testing?
  7. What is the impact of advertising on consumer behaviour?
  8. Discuss the history and implications of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights
  9. Discuss the importance of drinking water
  10. How to remove ink stains on clothes
  11. How did people survive without video games in the past?
  12. How to overcome fear
  13. Discuss the relationship between religion and mental health
  14. Explore the effects of using steroids in sports
  15. Discuss the effects of water pollution on marine life

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school is the perfect place to get creative. The secret to selecting good informative topics to write about is evaluating your experiences and telling the reader about what you learnt. Here are 15 informative essay topics to choose from;

  1. Discuss the benefits of reading and its impact on personal development
  2. Discuss the impact of bullying on students and the society
  3. Explain the importance of time management skills and how to acquire them
  4. What is the importance of developing healthy eating habits?
  5. What are the benefits of joining scouting clubs?
  6. Discuss the effects of smoking
  7. How to Become a Billionaire
  8. Discuss your best travelling experience during the summer
  9. What are the effects of Greenhouses on the environment
  10. Discuss the causes and dangers of cancer
  11. Is education the perfect tool for social change?
  12. What is the relationship between wealth and education?
  13. What are the consequences of pranking your friends?
  14. How to Write a persuasive speech at School
  15. Importance of good parenting; How to obey your parents

Easy Informative Essay Topics

Below are some easy informative writing topics that are entertaining and eye-catching to the youths.

  1. Discuss the history and evolution of the internet
  2. What are the pros and cons of online learning?
  3. Discuss the impact of the Internet on communication
  4. What are the pros and cons of social media?
  5. What are the benefits of travelling and exploring other cultures?
  6. Explain the differences between World Wide Web and Google Search
  7. Is happiness more important than wealth?
  8. Explain social media as a marketing tool
  9. Are cats better than dogs
  10. How to maintain a healthy skin
  11. How to find reliable sources for your dissertation
  12. How to play chess
  13. Discuss the relationship between law, morality and human rights
  14. How do Google Search Engines affect intelligence?
  15. Discuss the causes and effects of discrimination on immigrants 

Informative Essay Topics for High School

When choosing informational writing topics for high school it is important to keep the topic serious and extensive. You can cover topics that discuss bullying, social issues, the effects of video games and volunteering. Here are fifteen informative essay ideas to choose from.

  1. Discuss the process of photosynthesis
  2. What are the benefits of volunteering in a community?
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of technology in the classroom
  4. What are the effects of childhood obesity on long-term health?
  5. Discuss the role of arts education in the high school curriculum
  6. What are the benefits of physical education in school?
  7. Explain the importance of financial literacy for high school students
  8. Discuss the effect of TV shows on teens
  9. Discuss the role of team projects in school
  10. Explain the challenges of participating in sports as a high school student
  11. How to deal with anxiety in school
  12. How to make friends at school
  13. How to concentrate while studying
  14. Discuss the importance of honesty 
  15. Discuss the benefits of studying science

Informative Essay Topics for College

College students regularly research various topics to either gather facts or be informed on a certain issue. This is why are numerous good informational topics on the internet. Below are some topics for an informative essay you can explore while in college;

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of a cashless society
  2. What is the impact of immigration on society?
  3. Discuss the history and impact of feminism
  4. Discuss the history and impact of hip-hop culture
  5. What are the effects of sleep deficiency on physical and mental health?
  6. Discuss the sources and significance of income disparity
  7. What are the benefits and challenges of space exploration?
  8. What are the benefits of being vegetarian?
  9. The pros and cons of virtual reality technology
  10. Explain the psychology of decision making
  11. How to apply for a college internship
  12. How to cope with college debt 
  13. Reasons why cheating in college leads to discontinuation
  14. Discuss the impact of mobile phones on students’ academic performance
  15. Discuss the advantages of computer graphics to architectural students

Interesting Informative Essay Topics

When selecting a topic, you should always keep in mind that informative essay topics should be inspiring and eye-catching. Below are fifteen to boost your creativity.

  1. Discuss the impact of social inequality on health
  2. Discuss the history and impact of colonialism
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing marijuana?
  4. What is the role of media in determining public judgment?
  5. Evaluate the impact of technology on human relationships
  6. Discuss the effects of climate change on international food production
  7. Explain the role of education in eliminating poverty
  8. What is the impact of social media on mental health?
  9. What are the psychological effects of video games on teenagers and children?
  10. Explain the importance of diversity in the workplace.
  11. What is the impact of music on character and emotions?
  12. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of remote work
  13. Explain the ethics of gene editing and its consequences
  14. What is the science behind Global warming and climate change?
  15. Discuss the impact of colonialism on current society

Middle School Informative Essay Topics

Topics for informative essays are all over the internet. However, as a middle school student, you need to explore topics that relate to your daily experience to keep your audience engaged by explaining the lessons you learnt. You can also use examples from your friend’s experiences to make it funny and interesting. Below are some fun and interesting topics to explore.

  1. Discuss the advantages and risks of social media for youths
  2. Explain the need for physical fitness for children and youths
  3. Discuss the advantages of recycling and its impact on the environment
  4. What are the causes and effects of deforestation on the environment?
  5. Explain the impact of understanding and practicing cultural diversity in today’s world
  6. What are the reimbursements and risks of genetic engineering?
  7. Explain the science of Human Physiology and Anatomy
  8. Discuss the causes of cyberbullying and its impact on mental health
  9. Discuss the life and achievements of Marie Curie; A forerunner in science
  10. Explain the History and implication of Egypt Pyramids
  11. Discuss the History and implications of the Olympic Games
  12. Discuss the importance of studying history
  13. Why learning financial security must be included in the school curriculum
  14. Different Ways of managing homework pressure
  15. Why reading books is good for improving our writing skills

Interesting Informative Paper Topics

Below are some interesting and unique informative paper topics that are rarely found in academic tasks to keep your audience on their toes.

  1. Discuss the future of renewable energy
  2. Discuss the rise in E-commerce: How online shopping is shifting the retail world
  3. What is the role of education in battling income inequality?
  4. What are the challenges and opportunities of the increase in cryptocurrencies?
  5. Discuss the impact of COVID-19 on well-being and mental health
  6. Evaluate the psychology of happiness: Comprehending what truly makes us joyful
  7. Discuss the future of HealthCare by evaluating the inventions and challenges in the sector
  8. What are the effects of social media on political participation?
  9. Discuss the impact of AI on job security and employment
  10. What are the challenges and advantages of Cross-cultural communication in the world?
  11. What is the connection between health and diet?
  12. What is the role of government in promoting public health?
  13. Discuss the psychology behind discrimination and biasness
  14. What is the importance of emotional intelligence in life and leadership?
  15. Discuss the evolution of technology in education

Final Word

Informative essays are a vital genre of academic writing that needs thorough research, critical thinking and robust writing skills. The topics to research can range from historical events, scientific discoveries, social issues or cultural phenomena.

The secret to writing an efficient informative essay is choosing a topic that is interesting, engaging and informative. Whether you are writing a dissertation, a social media update or a blog, the skills you acquire while crafting your essay will help pass information and thoughts efficiently to your audience. Keep learning, exploring and writing! And if you find yourself struggling, you can always rely on online writing services, just like ours!