Free Criminal Justice Research Topics for Students

Criminal Justice Research Topics

What are some good research topics for criminal justice? This is a very popular question nowadays. In fact, we receive this question almost daily vie email and direct messaging. It is clear that students need some help with their academic papers. And did you know that finding a good topic that is also original can help you get some bonus points on your next essay?

The good news is that we have a list of research paper topics for criminal justice that you can use right now. Just take your pick and start writing; it’s that simple!

Picking a Great Research Topics in Criminal Justice

We all know how difficult it is to find some good research topics for criminal justice nowadays. The majority of websites offer plagiarized topics or topics that have been discussed every semester. You probably want something new, something fresh. But how do you find a great topic that you can be sure will not be used by your classmates? Of course, one option would be to visit the campus library and spend a few days looking through various journals, articles and dissertations. You will find something of interest that warrants further research eventually. However, the easiest option is to simply read our list of criminal justice research topics. We strive to update it as frequently as possible, so you will surely find an original, top-quality topic for your needs.

The Free List of Research Topics in Criminal Justice

We know you are looking for good topics for a criminal justice research paper. After all, who doesn’t want to get some bonus points on their next paper? However, finding original, interesting topics for criminal justice research paper can be pretty difficult these days. Most of your classmates are probably searching for topics on the same websites that you do. To help students out, we have put together a list of various topics. All of them are unique and should work great in 2023. Of course, you can use our criminal justice research topic ideas for free, and this includes rewording them. Check out our list:

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

You can choose various topics about criminal justice methods, procedures, and even mistakes. Take a look at some interesting essay topics:

  1. Discuss music piracy and ways to prevent it.
  2. Should shoplifting be treated differently than felony theft?
  3. Discuss the abuse of power by prosecutors and judges in the UK legal system.
  4. Making an appeal to the International Criminal Court.
  5. The effectiveness of eyewitness protection programs.

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

If you need to write a research proposal, we have some very interesting topics for you. Check out our list:

  1. Gender bias in criminal investigations.
  2. Slavery and legal punishment in the United Kingdom.
  3. Preventing drunk driving in the United States.
  4. Discuss the death penalty procedures in the US.
  5. The process of selecting impartial jurors.

Criminal Justice Research Topics for College Students

College students are more than welcome to try any of our unique criminal justice topics to research. Here are some of our best ideas:

  1. The main causes of child abuse.
  2. Homeless people: the legal implications of homelessness.
  3. The use of jail informants in the modern criminal justice system.
  4. Discuss the peculiarities and implications of the Marbury v. Madison case.
  5. The dangers of probation and parole.

Basic Criminal Justice Research Topics

Don’t want to spend a lot of time writing the essay? Check out these basic, easy research topics in criminal justice:

  1. The difference between homicide and murder in the US.
  2. Discuss transitional justice and provide an example.
  3. Discuss the basic procedure of a Criminal Justice court in the UK.
  4. Legal implications of harassment at the workplace.
  5. Discuss the difference between civil crimes and war crimes.
  6. Are child protective services helpful or useless?

Controversial Research Topics for Criminal Justice

If you are looking for some criminal justice research topics that are controversial, you should give these topics a try:

  1. United States war crimes in Vietnam.
  2. Discuss the legal implications of date rape.
  3. Sniffer dogs and related legal issues.
  4. The causes of violence in college.
  5. The Punishment vs. reform in the UK prison system.
  6. Discuss the practice of prison labor in 2023.

General Research Topics in Criminal Justice

Perhaps you just want to write about a general topic – nothing too specific. We have some topics for you right here:

  1. Discuss national security laws in the US.
  2. Legal deterrents for animal abuse crimes.
  3. Define double jeopardy and discuss an example.
  4. Preventing cyberstalking in 2023.
  5. Palestinian child soldiers in the Israel-Palestine war.

Racism in Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Would you like to tackle the racism problem? Great choice! Here are some original topics in criminal justice for a research paper:

  1. Due process for Black people in the United States.
  2. The incidence of wrongful convictions in people of color trials.
  3. Discuss sentencing disparities of the Latino community in Los Angeles.
  4. The presence of racism in the United Kingdom justice system.
  5. The causes and effects of racial profiling in the justice system.

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics in Types Of Crime

There are various types of crimes, and almost each one of them warrants a research paper. Check out some great ideas:

  1. Drug trafficking penalties in the United States.
  2. Drunk driving minimum mandatory jail time.
  3. Managing stress in first responders on the scene of a murder.
  4. Child abduction cases: compare and contrast two major cases.
  5. Identifying and prosecuting white color criminals.

Research Topics in Criminal Justice System

If you are looking for a list of good criminal justice research paper topics, pick one of these ideas and start writing the paper right now:

  1. Corporate crime: a look at Apple’s practices.
  2. The legal issues of gambling in America.
  3. Discuss environmental crime and ways to prosecute offenders in the UK.
  4. Mental health problems frequently lead to criminal acts.
  5. What is a natural legal crime (with examples)?

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