A List of Unique Art Research Paper Topics

art research paper topics

Art is an exciting field of study, and research in this area is fun to do. We have identified the different areas and the possible topics you can research on. Art is a broad area of study but choosing a topic is not as difficult as you think. With the right guide, you can find interesting topics for your thesis. We have some tips to get you on the right path. We also provide you with some tips on how to choose a research topic in the arts.

How to Choose the Right Art Topic

Choosing a project topic in arts requires careful thought. To make things easier for you, we have noted some areas to consider before picking a research topic.

·         Consider Your Interest

Art is a field of study that emphasizes creativity. It is a field that will require you to bring your creativity to bear. What happens if you search your mind and nothing comes out?

This problem can happen if you do not have an interest in the area. Even if you can come up with something, the ideas will not flow if you write about your area of interest.

There are areas of difficulty in every research, but you will be more inclined to find working solutions if it is your area of interest. If you are working on your area of study, you will be better attuned to the research. It also helps the overall look of your research. Your enthusiasm is essential in every project work.

·         Access to Material

Before you decide to take on a topic for research in arts, you should consider the availability of materials and your access to them. Materials may be available, but you may not have access to them.

Essential questions to ask are, are there materials on this topic? Have books been published in this area? Are there articles online on this topic? You may also want to check if your school library has materials on the topic.

Then you have to ask if you have access to these materials. Can you download the material online? Or read them online? Are the books available for sale? If you answer yes, then you are good to go.

·         Identify a Gap

Research is called so because someone else has researched that area before. So, what you are doing is a “re-search.” However, previous research could not have covered every aspect of that field or topic. Therefore, you have to identify that gap and fill it.

Without proper research, you will not come up with a viable topic. In academics, you do not have to repeat what someone has done already.

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Modern Art Topics

  1. Themes in 21st century paintings
  2. Themes in 20th century paintings
  3. The new media and arts
  4. Filmography in the 21st century
  5. Emerging forms in modern arts
  6. Modern art as a viable tool for activism
  7. Impact of technology on modern arts
  8. Themes in modern poetry
  9. What is the influence of feminism on modern art?
  10. Gendered roles in modern arts

Media Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Art development and the media
  2. Dynamics of art produced using the media
  3. Globalization, digital art, and emerging discusses
  4. Globalization, electronic art, and activism
  5. Literature and the new media
  6. Poetic rendition in the new media
  7. The impact of digital technologies on art
  8. Advertising in the 21st century
  9. Filmic art in the 21st century
  10. Computer games as art

Pop Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Comic books as tools for social criticism
  2. Advertising and sublimation: a study of the human psyche
  3. Pop art as a platform for activism
  4. Popular pop artists in the 21st century
  5. Thematic and stylistic trends in pop art
  6. Technology and ethics in pop art
  7. Pop art as high and low art
  8. Pop art as an economy booster
  9. Principles of pop art
  10. Interaction and connection between pop art and other art forms

Visual Art Research Topics

  1. Painting as pedagogy
  2. Sculpture in the modern age
  3. The creative works of popular artists
  4. Aesthetics of painting: a study of an artist’s creations
  5. A comparison of style of different artists
  6. Trends in photography in different generations
  7. Impact of technology on visual art
  8. Socioeconomic impact of animation
  9. Impact of visual art on culture
  10. Visual art and feminism

Art Therapy Research Paper Topics

  1. The interworking of therapy and art
  2. The use of art for therapeutic effects
  3. Technological approaches to art therapy
  4. The use of virtual reality in art therapy
  5. Theories of art therapy
  6. Dance therapy for the treatment of anxiety
  7. Color therapy for children with learning disabilities
  8. Music as therapy for depression
  9. The evolution of art therapy

Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of the industrial revolution on art
  2. Themes and styles of painting in the 20th and 21st centuries
  3. Aesthetics and styles in Francisco de Goya’s works
  4. The place of art in human civilization
  5. A comparison of the work of two prominent painters
  6. Themes and styles of music in the 20th and 21st centuries
  7. Influence of ancient philosophers on art
  8. The aesthetics and style of Michelangelo’s works
  9. The place of erotica in the arts
  10. History of paintings in different cultures

Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Art forms and styles in Greece
  2. Compare the artworks of different artists
  3. Biblical motives in the works of Leonardo da Vinci
  4. Early African arts and history
  5. The history behind early roman arts
  6. Chinese arts and lifestyle before the 21st century
  7. Ancient Egyptian arts and lifestyle
  8. History of the pyramid of Egypt
  9. The contribution of the Greek theatre to dramatic arts
  10. Early arts and religion

Classical Greek Art Research Paper Topic

Classical Greek art-related topics for a research paper is an intelligent choice. There are several areas you can focus on including:

  1. The different styles of Greeks pottery
  2. Myths in classical Greek sculpture
  3. Aesthetics and style of Greek architecture
  4. Compare the works of legendary sculptors
  5. Impact of religion on Greek artworks
  6. Compare ancient Greek art with the present
  7. The influence of science in Greek arts
  8. Styles of Phidias sculptor
  9. Imagery and symbolism in classical Greek arts
  10. Relationship between classical Greek arts and Greece lifestyle

Renaissance Art Topics

  1. A comparison of renaissance art in different parts of Europe
  2. What was the influence of renaissance art on man’s worldview?
  3. How is renaissance art different from those of the medieval age?
  4. What are the aesthetics of the art of the time?
  5. How is the nobility of man portrayed in the art forms of the age?
  6. How was the renaissance a revival of classical Roman and Greek art?
  7. What are the forms and styles of renaissance art?
  8. History, evolution, and preservation of renaissance arts
  9. How do the renaissance arts portray humanism and individualism?
  10. What are the theories of renaissance art?

20th Century Research Paper Topics Art History

  1. Specific museum and its art collection
  2. Harlem renaissance as a springboard for art activism
  3. Aesthetics and styles of Pablo Picasso’s arts
  4. Influence of Jackson Pollock’s arts
  5. Influence of religion and science on the 20th century arts
  6. Compare earlier art styles with those of the 20th century
  7. Artistic movements in the 20th century
  8. Political cartoons and their influence in 20th century politics
  9. Influence of earlier art style on 20th art styles
  10. The prominent art movement of the 20th century

Great Thai Art Topic for a Research Paper

  1. The culture and artistic heritage of Thailand
  2. Influence of religion on Thai arts
  3. Representation of Thai social life in Thai arts
  4. Folk heritage of Thailand
  5. Aesthetic and stylistic import of Thai arts
  6. Ancient and prehistoric art forms
  7. A diachronic study of Thai arts from prehistoric times to the present
  8. Signs and symbols in Thai arts
  9. The influence of globalization on contemporary Thai arts
  10. Messages in line, color, and space in Thai art.

Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Aesthetics and style of Raphael’s paintings
  2. Religious and non-religious art forms that originated from the time
  3. The evolution and sustenance of art forms
  4. Compare the artworks of Michelangelo and Raphael
  5. History of renaissance arts
  6. Symbols and motif in medieval paintings
  7. Religious motifs in Leonardo de Vinci’s paintings
  8. Aesthetics and styles of Byzantine art style
  9. Evolution of early Christian arts,
  10. Elements of Gothic arts

Mexican Revolutionary Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of the Mexican revolution on Mexican lifestyle
  2. History and effects of revolutionary arts
  3. Compare the artworks of Frida Kahlo, Diego, Rivera
  4. Surrealism in Mexican arts
  5. Mural paintings during the Mexican revolution
  6. The place of arts in Mexican revolution
  7. Different phases of the Mexican revolution and the artworks created during that time
  8. Impact of the Mexican revolution on people’s perception of art
  9. Compare Mexican revolutionary arts with those created after the revolution
  10. Aesthetics and style of David Alfaro Siqueiros’s artworks

Argumentative Art Topics

Some art research paper topics in these areas include:

  1. The most significant artwork in the 20th century
  2. Is graffiti art or vandalism?
  3. Which city has the most remarkable art history and why?
  4. The relevance of medieval art in contemporary times
  5. How has the museum preserved art culture and enthusiasm
  6. Modern pop culture does not measure up to earlier times. Argue for or against
  7. Do ethics limit art?
  8. Has technology limited creativity in art?
  9. Is the role of the artist in society relevant?
  10. Do cartoons fuel or mediate in political issues?

Good South East Asia Art Topics for a Research Paper

  1. Asia is a place of high artistic creations. Discuss
  2. Compare ancient and contemporary Asian arts
  3. History of calligraphy arts in East Asia
  4. What is the philosophy behind ancient artistic creations of different ages?
  5. The evolution of Bollywood
  6. How does Chinese circus art reflect the Chinese tradition?
  7. Jewelry styles and meaning in India
  8. Aesthetics and styles in Japanese calligraphy art
  9. Religious relevance of art in south India
  10. The evolution of pop culture in India


Researches in art are not difficult if taken the right way. With this guide, picking an area of study and identifying the gap is not tedious. We have helped you out in this regard with the information provided above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for choosing a research topic in arts?
When choosing a research topic in arts, start by considering your interest and access to materials and resources. Additionally, identify a gap in existing research to contribute something new to the field.
How can I identify a gap in existing research when choosing a research topic in the arts?
To identify a gap in existing research when choosing a research topic in the arts, you can review previous research on the topic and look for areas that still need to be thoroughly explored or require further investigation.