Political Science Research Topics for College Students

political science research topics

Choosing political science research topics is easy if you know how to go about it, what areas to focus on, and what it entails. You will get all of these details in this article. We have compiled the different areas of political science research and what they entail to enable you to choose a topic with ease. We have also included a guide on how to choose a research topic for your political science research paper.

How to Choose the Right Political Science Research Topic?

When writing on research paper topics in political science, there are some areas you have to consider to have a smooth ride. Picking a research topic requires much thought and consideration. Here are some essential points to note when choosing political science research paper topics.

  •  Choose the area that interests you

For your research papers, choose an area that holds your interest. While researching, there might be difficulties, but your interest will motivate you to keep working.

  • Consider access to materials

In your study, you will need books, journals, and articles. You will need to interview people to do good research paper writing. Having access to these information sources is necessary to make beautiful research papers.

  • Discuss with your supervisor

You might have an idea of what you want to do, but discussing with your supervisor will open your eyes to different aspects of your chosen political science research topics. Your supervisor is the expert who can help you look at things from a more grounded perspective.

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

When it comes to choosing research paper topics for your interesting political science research, you may need a guide. We have compiled 15 political science research paper topics for your next research!

  1. What is the motivation for people’s political behavior
  2. How is the conflict resolved in the 21st century?
  3. Is capital punishment necessary?
  4. Do political institutions perform up to expectations?
  5. Is democracy practiced as it should?
  6. Can conflict between nations be completely resolved?
  7. Are gendered roles reversible?
  8. Can a society overcome patriarchy?
  9. Do two countries mutually benefit from close relationships?
  10. Are political leaders worthy of their monetary gains?
  11. What is the reality of human rights protection?
  12. Do the media help the government?
  13. Are theories adequate in analyzing political issues?
  14. What shapes people’s political behaviors and beliefs?
  15. What type of government is better in practice?

Comparative Politics Topics

Comparative politics research is a relevant area of political research. However, topics in this area require qualitative methods of research. You will need books, journals, anthologies, and articles published online. Your focus on this kind of topic in political science can be national and international. Additionally, political science topics for comparative politics research call for active information gathering methods like interviews.

  1. Compare the political methods in the US with those in the UK.
  2. Constitutional differences between the US and the UK
  3. Political behavioral patterns in different regions
  4. Similarities and differences in the electoral systems of different regions
  5. Historical political patterns of different regions or countries
  6. Comparative behavioral belief in different regions
  7. Democratic rule in different countries
  8. Compare regional and national governments
  9. Political opinion on government decisions
  10. Responses of different governments to migration issues in the US
  11. Human rights protection in different countries
  12. Economic laws in different countries and their effect on trade
  13. Policies and decisions in different countries
  14. Compare and contracts the constitution in the countries
  15. A political belief in different parties
  16. Compare political opinions and behavior of different groups
  17. Impact of globalization on different sectors in the society

Political Philosophy Topics

Researches in this area are some of the best political science research topics you can come up with for Ph.D., bachelor’s degree, and undergraduate term papers.

  1. How do ethics influence how society functions?
  2. How are societal laws administered and maintained?
  3. What is the evolution of inequality?
  4. Plato’s submission on justice and its impact on the legislature,
  5. impact of the renaissance on peoples’ political behavior
  6. What was the dominant philosophy during the Enlightenment era?
  7. The role of Jean Jacques Rousseau in the French revolution
  8. The impact of science on politics in the 18th century
  9. Discuss Thomas Hobbes’ impact on the societal political disposition
  10. The practice of democracy today
  11. How is human rights protected today?
  12. Maintaining civic responsibilities and social behavior
  13. A critical examination of Plato’s The Republic
  14. A view of justice from Plato’s perspective
  15. Compare philosophers’ impact on politics

Political Behavior and Identities Topics

Political science essays could also talk about political behavior and identities. Here are some topics you will find interesting!

  1. What are the people’s political attitudes towards the present administration?
  2. What is the dominant political belief?
  3. What are the people’s political preferences?
  4. What is the disposition of a group towards political matters?
  5. How can the identity of an individual determine their behavior towards politics?
  6. How does a group’s social identity affect their political behaviors?
  7. What is the political psychology of the masses?
  8. How does an administration shape the people’s political perception?
  9. What is the effect of different administrations on the psyche of the masses?
  10. The people’s attitude towards elections
  11. What is the dynamics of a party’s campaign
  12. Why won’t people vote?
  13. What are the dynamics of the country’s electoral processes?
  14. What is the origin of this behavior?
  15. What is the nature of political campaigns and political conflicts?

Political Institutions Topics

  1. Government policies on migration and its impact on geopolitics
  2. Government trade policies and the implication for the economy
  3. Political leaders and strategies for public relations
  4. How social systems function
  5. Ethics of political administrations
  6. An examination of institutionalism
  7. How does public opinion impact political institutions?
  8. Social movements and their impact on political behavior
  9. Compare political parties and their adherence to ethics
  10. How political institutions influence societal political belief
  11. Examine societal political interest in reference to political parties
  12. How does institutionalism determine political stability in society?
  13. How political institutions shape political ideology
  14. Examine new institutionalism and its dynamic nature
  15. How does activism influence political ideology?
  16. Impact of political organizations on society

Political Methodology Topics

  1. You can examine various empirical approaches to political science.
  2. You can study political areas with different statistical models
  3. Apply linear regression to your study
  4. Apply social network analysis to your study
  5. Analyze citizens’ behavioral changes with political socialization
  6. Study the patterns of white supremacy
  7. Study immigrants disposition to politics in their host countries
  8. Analyze party identification and individual behavior
  9. Study citizens political beliefs in relation to governmental administrations
  10. Human rights violation and societal reactions
  11. Analyze voters disposition to election results
  12. Impact of capital punishment on criminal’s character reformation
  13. How do countries in debt manage economic resources?
  14. What motivates an individual’s attitude to policies?
  15. A dichotomy in immigrants and citizen’s  experience

Political Theory Topics

Relevant research paper writing topics in political science focusing on political theory require an in-depth study of theoretical postulations on different areas of politics. Here are some essay topics on political theory just for you.

  1. A study on the psychology of politics and political conflicts
  2. Psychoanalytic study of people’s political behaviors
  3. Apply cognitive neuroscience to your studies.
  4. Apply social research to your study
  5. Apply the theory of positivism to your studies
  6. Apply the theory of institutionalism to your studies
  7. Proponents and tenets of behavioralism
  8. Apply the theory of structuralism to your studies
  9. Apply the theory of interpretive theory to your studies
  10. Apply the theory of behavioralism to your studies
  11. Examine Aristotle’s theory on governance
  12. Study Edmund Burke’s contribution to classic theory
  13. Examine the evolution of politics in your country
  14. Examine the evolution of anarchism and prominent figures around it
  15. Examine constructivism and its application to politics

Current Research Topics in Political Science

Here’s a list of current research topics to write about political science research.

  1. Police operations and mass revolts
  2. Insecurities as indices of a fragile state
  3. Governmental administration and its impact on different groups
  4. Examine the network of countries and its impact on a country’s growth
  5. Policies on trade and its implication on the economy
  6. How does commerce strengthen countries’ bonds?
  7. Impact of technology on youth development in a country
  8. Impact of technology on socio-economic growth in a country
  9. Technological advancement in agriculture and its impact on the world economy
  10. How scholarship for international students strengthen cultural unity and diversity
  11. Migration policies on world relations
  12. Policies on taxation and citizens’ compliance
  13. Peace and conflict between two countries
  14. Economic impacts of bushfires in Australia
  15. Covid-19 pandemic and the new normal

American Politics Topics

Do you need topics to write on American politics? Find them here.

  1. How have the liberal arts impacted American politics?
  2. History of American politics since independence
  3. The history of America up till independence
  4. What are the influences of Christianity on American politics?
  5. The dynamics of elections in America
  6. Compare different administrations American government
  7. The realization of democracy
  8. The dynamics of public law
  9. Constitutional amendments and actualization
  10. Dynamics of budget allocation
  11. What are the issues surrounding taxes?
  12. Human rights and freedom in Barack Obama’s regime
  13. Migration policies in Donald Trump’s regime
  14. American migration laws and international relations and foreign affairs
  15. American political partisanship and its dynamics

International Relations Topics

Issues in international relations often make for easy political science research topics at the undergraduate and Master’s levels.

  1. Globalization and international relations
  2. Refuges in foreign countries
  3. Impact of international trade and policies on foreign affairs
  4. Human rights protection in host countries
  5. Impact of public relations on economic growth
  6. Compare the foreign aid policies of different countries
  7. Gender discourse in public affairs
  8. Foreign aids and economic growth
  9. Immigrant experience in host countries
  10. Civic responsibilities in foreign countries
  11. Trade organizations and global impacts
  12. Foreign intervention in conflict resolution
  13. Policy formation and global considerations
  14. Feminist perspectives on international affairs
  15. Theory of comparative government and social realization

Political Economy Topics

Topics that cut across politics and the economy are always at the forefront in leading issues. There are numerous research papers topic ideas in this area, including:

  1. Politic and economic representation in the media
  2. How is a government’s political agenda achieved through its economic policies
  3. Impact of budget allocation on the education sector
  4. Examine an administration’s financial management
  5. How commerce boosts the political economy
  6. How politics impact economic growth
  7. Media representation of politics and its impact on economic growth
  8. The role of immigration in political economy
  9. Crucial discourse in political economy
  10. How does economic growth impact politics
  11. Theories of political economy
  12. Impact of the crisis on politics and economy
  13. Impact of public behavior on political economy
  14. The economic impact of election campaigns and voting
  15. The theoretical approach to the study of political economy


Political science is a broad and exciting field of study. You can get Political science research paper topics questions from different areas. Areas ranging from political theory to political institutions and political behavior and identity are exciting places to look for a research topic.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good political science research topic?
A good political science research topic aligns with your interests, allows access to relevant materials, and can contribute to the field's existing knowledge. Options include comparative politics, political philosophy, behavior and identities, institutions, methodology, American politics, international relations, and political economy.
What is political science research philosophy?
In political science research, philosophy encompasses the fundamental principles that steer the study. It may comprise the application of quantitative or qualitative methods, upholding objectivity and neutrality, emphasizing empirical evidence, and exploring intricate connections between political agents and institutions. Like all research philosophies, it's crucial to remain receptive and adaptable.