Best Chemistry Topics For Research And Presentation

chemistry topics

If you have taken up chemistry as a subject in high school or for your undergrad and postgraduate studies there will be many occasions when you will be required to present your ideas or research findings on different topics in chemistry.  Although there is no dearth of subjects to pick from, it is always best to work on interesting chemistry topics.  that will make for a presentation that grabs everyone’s attention from the start.

So here are some cool chemistry topics you can consider for your college or high school assignments. Just make sure that whether you pick chemistry topics for presentation or are selecting something for research; always opt for a subject that interests you personally. That way your work will speak for itself.

Take a look at this unique compilation of chemistry-related topics. You will find some of these to be intriguing while others will be controversial chemistry topics. Choose what works best as per your level of education:

Chemistry Research Topics

It is natural that chemistry topics for research papers for undergraduates will always be more complex than chemistry research topics for high school students. Take a look:

  1. How was hydrogen used in discovering oxygen?
  2. Can seaweed extract enhance the performance of batteries?
  3. Nanophotonics and their use in military
  4. Chemical equilibrium and its effects
  5. Explain Thallium poisoning
  6. How do allergies develop
  7. Explain what is photoreduction of metal ions
  8. Surface tension – explain its applications
  9. Stabilization of lithium – elaborate the process
  10. How are food dyes made?

Interesting Chemistry Topics

If you are looking for interesting chemistry topics for presentation, here are some that will certainly make heads turn when you present:

  1. How is dry ice formed?
  2. 3D printers and Photocatalysis
  3. Explain carbon dating
  4. What are nanoreactors and their role in chemistry?
  5. How is nitrogen used in freezing?
  6. What are the dangers of Ibuprofen?
  7. How does the sunburn without using oxygen?
  8. How do car airbags function – explain the chemistry behind them?
  9. How is dry ice formed?
  10. What is the Lewis Structure?

High School Chemistry Topics

If you are in high school there are many general chemistry topics that are fun and easy to work on for projects and presentations both. Here are some:

  1. How are pearls formed?
  2. What is the effect of PH on plants?
  3. How are diamonds formed?
  4. Explain how chemistry stands at the origin of life?
  5. Explain the chemistry of oil paints
  6. What are the drugs in drinking water?
  7. Petroleum and its byproducts
  8. Can chemistry benefit indoor plants?
  9. How are fingerprints detected – explain the chemistry
  10. What is barium toxicity?

Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

There are many topics in current chemistry that work well for presentations in both high school or college. You can increase the complexity as per your level of education, but these will always remain hot topics in chemistry:

  1. How to detect counterfeit medicines?
  2. Detecting drug abuse in the field of sports
  3. The pros and cons of drinking coffee
  4. Hybridization – how does it work?
  5. Iodine and its medical applications
  6. Radium and its medical applications and properties
  7. Understanding nanomedicines
  8. The efficacy of biomaterial in healing scars
  9. Antimalarials – understanding a whole new generation
  10. The chemistry behind human olfactory senses

Chemistry Projects Topics

Here are some topics that work great when you have to make projects:

  1. Electrochemical cells and their uses
  2. Artificial leaf
  3. Thermoelectric materials – explain
  4. Batteries and how they are made
  5. Why does water expand on freezing?
  6. How are synthetic molecules replicated?
  7. Explain thin-film modeling in catalysts
  8. Steroids and how they work on the human body
  9. Process of human digestion
  10. How explosives work – explain with nitroglycerine

Organic Chemistry Topics

This is a vast area of study that has constant research happening in the field. That is why there are many great organic chemistry research topics that you can find.

  1. Explain the process of ammonia synthesis
  2. What are nucleophiles?
  3. Aniline dyes – An insight
  4. Acid-base chemistry
  5. Alkenes and alkynes – understanding the difference
  6. What are cycloalkanes
  7. How is hydrocarbon fuel produced?
  8. Why is Phenol known to be an acid?
  9. Aromatic compounds and their stability
  10. Globular protein – an insight

Inorganic Chemistry Topics

Students also have many topics to choose from in the inorganic chemistry field. Here are some of the best topics to consider in this category.

  1. Explain the acid-base chemistry
  2. Explain the Crystal Field Theory
  3. The Law of Multiple Proportions
  4. How are sapphires formed?
  5. States of matter – An Insight
  6. Sulfuric acid and its effect on organic materials
  7. Redox stability and reactions
  8. Elaborate upon Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
  9. The structure, bonding, and properties of metals and alloys
  10. The science behind nanomaterials

Environmental Chemistry Topics

If you are looking for chemistry paper topics based on the environment here is a list of some of the most relevant in this category:

  1. The chemistry behind makeup products
  2. Greenhouse gases
  3. Acid rain and its effects on plants and animals
  4. Plastic packaging and its interactions with food
  5. Human allergies and chemicals influencing them
  6. Affect of aerated drinks on the human body
  7. Fertilizers and their effect on human food
  8. Dangers of snow pollution
  9. Earth’s atmosphere and its composition
  10. Biodegradable compounds and their role in environmental conservation

Physical Chemistry Topics

Picking a topic in chemistry that relates to physics as well is slightly difficult. However, more difficult is to present it in a manner that you do justice to both the subjects. Here are some interesting topics to consider:

  1. Explain the advancements in crystal engineering
  2. Vibrational spectroscopy – an insight
  3. Elaborate upon the nuclear structure
  4. What is electronic spectroscopy?
  5. Chemical kinetics – An insight
  6. Mass spectrometry
  7. What are multielectron atoms?
  8. Elaborate upon the Laws of Entropy
  9. What is chemical or heteroatomic bonding
  10. Quantum chemistry – an insight

Chemistry Presentation Topics

Here are some of the best topics for giving a presentation and create a lasting impression on the teachers:

  1. The working of biofuels
  2. The process of wastewater treatment
  3. The working of rocket fuels
  4. What is microfluidics?
  5. How do nano filters work?
  6. Explain smart glass and its uses
  7. Rare earth extractions – an insight
  8. How are coal and iron slimes processed?
  9. DNA – an insight
  10. Molecular dynamics – an explanation through simulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to choose interesting chemistry topics for research and presentation?
Choosing interesting chemistry topics for research and presentation is important because it helps capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. It also allows the presenter to showcase their passion for the subject matter, making the presentation more impactful.
Why is organic chemistry an important area of study?
Organic chemistry is an important area of study because it studies carbon-based compounds, which are the basis for all living organisms. Understanding organic chemistry is crucial for developing new medicines, materials, and technologies.