Hot Marketing Research Topics for College Students

marketing research topics

Choosing the best marketing research topics is not easy. That’s because marketing is a study field with many aspects. As such, selecting the topics to write about puts many learners in a challenging situation. This article provides some of the best marketing topics to write about. Whether you’re pursuing your graduate, undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. studies, you will find ideal marketing topics for research in this article.

Interesting Marketing Research Project Ideas

When pursuing a marketing course in college, you’re likely to spend most of your time working on a research project. Unfortunately, many learners are stuck in the process of selecting the best topic for their research papers. If that’s the case for you, here are interesting marketing research topics for projects that you should consider.

  1. A comparison of entry strategies for a new market: Netflix vs. Uber
  2. Is radio still an ideal advertising method
  3. How to tap into consumer thinking using smartphones
  4. Analysis of gender impact on buying decisions of the family members
  5. Global marketing success factors: Analysis of Apple as a case study
  6. Political campaigns and brand marketing
  7. How companies differentiate services based on social class
  8. How to drive sales by exploiting impulse buying
  9. How good is centralized marketing at a global level?
  10. How advertising affects children negatively

Any of these project ideas can amuse your readers. However, you should evaluate and develop the idea you pick from this marketing research topic list extensively. That’s because the audience wants to read relevant and informative content.

Sport Marketing Research Topics

Perhaps, you want to write a research paper about sports marketing. Well, sport is a relevant area with many topics to consider. Here are some of the best marketing research ideas to consider in this area.

  1. Why did the courts ban some sports ads?
  2. How marketers use sports behavior information to sell and advertise stuff
  3. Best ways to attract a local community to a gym
  4. Can sports videos and pictures help attract people to a training and sporting facility?
  5. How spots markets in China and the U.S vary
  6. Is it ethical to use sports celebrities in advertising food?
  7. Expensive items for sale at international sporting events
  8. Can you gain revenue by promoting sports for free?
  9. How sports associations and hosts earn billions on merchandise, ads, and foods
  10. Selling international spots ticks to non-English speakers

Any of these sports marketing topics for a research paper will earn you a good grade if you develop it properly.

Research Topics in Real Estate Marketing

Do you want to write a research paper about real estate marketing? If yes, consider one of these marketing-related topics for research in the real estate industry.

  1. Effects of branded images and messaging in real estate marketing
  2. Effective ways to market a property for sale
  3. Real estate marketing analysis with a reference to the apartment purchase
  4. How changing homeowners’ preferences affect real estate marketing
  5. Effects of construction costs on property sales

These are some of the best topics research topics in marketing because real estate is a lucrative investment industry. However, be ready to extensively research the topic you pick in this category to come up with a great paper.

New Research Topics in Marketing

Maybe you want to research and write about something new in the marketing niche. In that case, consider current research topics in marketing. Here some of the best ideas in this category.

  1. How COVID-19 has affected the global marketing economy
  2. How COVID-19 has affected the social media marketing platforms
  3. How to get the audience to see your digital marketing content
  4. How to understand marketing results
  5. How to bridge the technology gap in marketing
  6. How BREXIT has increased marketing budgets
  7. Challenges in establishing a well-recognized brand name
  8. How to optimize voice search for a business

This category also has some of the latest research topics in marketing management. Select any of these ideas and research them deeply to come up with a strong argument.

Marketing Research Topics for Undergraduates

When pursuing your undergraduate marketing studies, your educator will ask you to write a research paper. Here are some of the best topics to consider for your paper.

  1. How to apply the marketing mix- A Facebook case study
  2. Tactics used by marketers to manipulate brands and get more customers
  3. How to use CSR to strengthen a brand
  4. Marketing paradigms and tactics for modern businesses
  5. Compare and contrast marketing channels for promoting food products
  6. Define and describe market segmentation
  7. How effective is black Friday in driving sales?

Consider any of these research paper topics in marketing when pursuing your undergraduate studies. Nevertheless, take your time to investigate the topic extensively to develop a strong argument.

Easy Marketing Research Topics

Maybe you don’t want to work on something complicated. In that case, consider the marketing research paper topics in this category.

  1. Why brands should study and analyze consumer behavior
  2. Influence of ads on consumer behavior
  3. Analyzing marketing challenges for family-owned enterprises
  4. How to apply technology in modern marketing
  5. Marketing teams leadership
  6. How to use loyalty programs in marketing
  7. How effective is the use of humor in marketing?
  8. How relevant are product labels for consumers?
  9. Does a good brand always translate to a high quality?
  10. How international and local companies can benefit from online marketing

This list of marketing research topics has some of the easiest ideas to handle. However, you still have to research the idea you choose to come up with a winning paper.

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

If you find social media marketing interesting, you can research and write about any of the ideas in this category.

  1. How effective is social media marketing in driving sales?
  2. How brands can use social media marketing to fight bad stereotypes
  3. How startups can use social media marketing to grow
  4. How powerful are social sites as marketing tools?
  5. How to find the right target audience on social media
  6. How to tap into social media potential through marketing
  7. How brands can use social sites to attract attention

Pick and develop any of these research papers topics in marketing if interested in social media.

Tourism Marketing Research Topics

Do you want to explore tourism marketing in your research? If yes, consider these tourism research report topics for marketing projects.

  1. Marketing innovation and ecotourism: An investigation of British tourism
  2. Effective strategies for tourism marketing
  3. Effective marketing strategies for green tourism
  4. How to market small city tourism
  5. Tourism marketing of culture and heritage

Select a topic in this category and then develop it into a strong paper through extensive research if you love exploring tourism ideas.

Fashion Marketing Research Topics

Is fashion marketing something you would like to research and write about? If yes, consider these ideas for your research paper.

  1. How fashion marketing affect the consumer’s buying behavior
  2. How fashion marketing affects the young generation’s mind
  3. Effects of cultural-based fashion marketing on consumer’s buying behavior
  4. How COVID-19 has affected the fashion marketing industry
  5. How subliminal marketing helps in driving sales in fashion marketing

This list comprises examples of marketing research topics that you can consider when writing your academic paper. However, you should be ready to spend time researching your topic and writing the paper to impress your educator and earn the top grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I conduct effective marketing research for my dissertation?
Effective marketing research for your dissertation involves identifying research questions, selecting appropriate research methods, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. Consider using both quantitative and qualitative research methods and using reliable sources for data collection.
What are some challenges that I may face when conducting marketing research for my dissertation?
Some challenges you may face when conducting marketing research for your dissertation include identifying research gaps, managing data collection, selecting appropriate research methods, and dealing with bias. It is important to address these challenges to ensure the validity and reliability of your research.