Top Feminist Topics For Your Research

Feminist Topics

Topics about feminism have become rampant among different ages, genders, and tribes. Feminism can mean a hundred and one thing to different people. Therefore, the concept can get very confusing. Feminism can be historical, political, and at the same time, a social movement.

There have been many arguments about these feminist topics in times past. Even now, some people believe feminism has done more harm to the community than good, while others think feminism has been of great advantage.

There are several examples of feminist topics such as:

  1. Relationship between sex and gender
  2. Relationship between gender and parenting
  3. Myths about Feminism
  4. Challenges of being a feminist
  5. Rumors about feminists

Feminism Debate Topics

There are several feminist topics for debates because the topic is highly controversial. Everyone has one opinion or another to share.

These debate topics are not meant to show skills, though. Most times, they aim at reaching a particular goal, which is to agree on one idea. At the end of the debate, both parties would reach a single conclusion about the topic.

Are women truly the weaker sex is an example of such debate topics. In this type of argument, it is expected that women would support their gender while men would also support theirs.

Other examples of such debate topics on feminism include:

  1. Is gender equality achievable for real?
  2. Is education a waste of resources for the female child?
  3. Is feminism a means of producing disrespectful ladies in the community?
  4. Does feminism mean the female child should do military jobs as well?
  5. Does feminism encourage beauty pageants?
  6. Are there jobs women should not do?

The above feminism topics are always debated in most parts of the world, although the aim is not to cause chaos. It is often difficult to reach a perfect conclusion when these topics are debated.

Feminist Topics for Discussion

Most times, when people of different gender, tribe, and ages gather, it’s about feminist topics. It is not surprising, because there’s a lot to talk about the topic. It’s such a great topic that enlightens everyone, especially youths.

Discussing feminism also helps to eradicate some false beliefs about feminism. It helps to see feminists in a different light entirely. Although, it boils down to the feminist topics discussed and the type of people having the discussion.

People having the discussion should be mature enough to learn, re-learn and even unlearn when it comes to feminism topics.

Feminist topics can be discussed almost everywhere, such as in schools, social gatherings, family members, friends, and even churches.

There’s also no limit to topics about feminism you can discuss. There’s always so much to talk about.

Examples of topics in feminism you can discuss are stated below:

  1. Importance of feminism in our society
  2. Myths about Feminism
  3. Why do men dislike Feminists?
  4. Why do we have more female feminists than males?
  5. Issues facing the modern feminism
  6. How has the Metoo movement helped the increase of feminists in your society?
  7. Does being a feminist depict strength?

These topics and many more are exciting topics that could be discussed with open minds to learn new things.

Feminism Essay Topics

Writing essays on feminism is entirely different from discussing it. When you’re talking about feminism, you can decide to say your opinion the way you feel it’s best, but you must be neutral when it comes to writing essays.

Your essay must be facts-based and not sentiment-based.

Teachers often give their students essays on feminism as assignments and classwork in schools.

The following are examples of essay topics on feminism:

  1. The effect of gender in choosing roles for jobs
  2. Female sexual harassment
  3. Female and political roles
  4. Females roles in a contemporary lifestyle
  5. The role of parents in the feminism movement

Feminism essays can be tricky to write because of the nature of the topic and the feminist philosophies.

Therefore, you must prepare yourself by studying different materials on feminism before you even start to write. Compare and contrast different materials and choose only facts.

Feminism Research Topics

Besides debates and discussions, writing research topics on feminism is another way to learn new things about the broad feminism topic.

Choosing feminist research paper topics can be overwhelming and exciting since you have various feminist paper topics.

Although, care must also be taken when deciding on feminist research topics because of the confusing nature of the topic.

There are several research paper topics on feminism such as:

  1. Negative effects of feminism on the male gender
  2. Effects of sex education for children on the society
  3. The role of middle-aged women in Christianity
  4. The role of the government in ensuring a successful feminist society
  5. Eradicating gender based inequality: a means of a better community

You could explore more, but ensure you choose a topic you find thrilling. It will help you do more in-depth research.

Feminism Argumentative Essay Topics

There has been a lot of arguments about feminism as a whole. Some believe it’s a means of having a society with women who can speak in places that matter. Some think it’s an avenue to belittle men, and there are many more opinions.

Therefore, argumentative essay topics concerning feminism are rampant among institutes of different levels.

When choosing feminist argumentative essay topics, some things such as age must be considered. It would help if you chose a topic that would greatly benefit the writer.

Below are examples of argumentative essay topics you can choose from:

  1. Should feminism be encouraged?
  2. Should lesbianism be legalized?
  3. Who should be in control of the affairs of the home? Men or women?
  4. Are Feminists hoodlums in disguise?
  5. Is God in support of the feminism movement?

The topics can’t be exhausted, and you have to choose the more relatable ones to you.

Controversial Feminist Topics

Feminist discussion topics on their own are controversial. Hence, it’s not surprising that a conclusion has not been reached regarding the issue of feminism.

Some topics cause controversies among the people involved. Some take it so far that they get angry with the opposing team.

Below are some feminist topics that bring up controversies:

  1. Does gender matter when it comes to subjectivity?
  2. What differentiates a woman from a man?
  3. Do feminists dislike the male gender?
  4. Are all feminist sadist?
  5. Do feminists have happy homes?
  6. What exactly is the vision of the Feminism movement?

When these topics come up, it’s usually hard to reach a single conclusion.

Feminist Persuasive Speech Topics

Many feminists have tried to persuade others to conform to their own opinion about feminism. Therefore, the need for feminists’ persuasive speech to convince others.

The thing is, when some people speak, there’s a tendency for you to forget every other thing you’ve learned and go by their beliefs.

There are also many persuasive speech topics on feminism that could make others view feminism from your perspective.

  1. Are women morally inferior to men?
  2. Does financial stability has anything to do with gender?
  3. Does everyone deserve to be feminists
  4. Is education a pathway to a successful feminism movement?
  5. The real motive behind the feminism movement

Feminism Project Topics

Lecturers in schools have also found topics of feminism good project topics for their students. Indeed it is!

The following are project topics on feminism you could choose:

  1. The Distinction between gender and sexual role in the society
  2. Impact of feminism on divorce rates
  3. Impact of feminism on the female gender
  4. Importance of female empowerment for an economically stable society
  5. The importance of gender stereotypes in a modern society

Interesting Feminism Topics

Although feminism is broad, controversial, and stirs up arguments at times, it is generally an interesting topic for discussion any day, any time, provided you choose the exciting topics.

Here’s a list of topics about feminism you would find interesting:

  1. Importance of feminism to you
  2. Should feminism be encouraged among teenagers?
  3. Eco-feminism – How can feminism influnce climate change?
  4. Should religious leaders encourage feminism?
  5. How does feminism affect men?
  6. The effect of feminism on the 21st century fashion

When you have the above topics to discuss or write about, you will realize that feminism is also thrilling beyond being controversial.


Feminism might be inexhaustible, but the message about it is not as complex as it looks. It aims at ensuring a society where everyone has access to equal rights, irrespective of their gender.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some challenges in conducting feminist research?
Some challenges in conducting feminist research include navigating power dynamics in research relationships, ensuring the safety and privacy of participants, and addressing the potential for bias and subjectivity. You should also balance the need for inclusion with the risk of tokenization.
How can I incorporate a feminist perspective into my dissertation?
To incorporate a feminist perspective into a dissertation, consider using feminist theories to analyze the topic, exploring the intersectionality of gender with other social identities, and examining how gender shapes power dynamics. Additionally, use inclusive language, cite feminist literature, and consider the potential implications of the research on marginalized groups.