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Mental Health is an integral part of human psychology. It characterizes the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of a person. At the same time, it features how to care for these three areas of man’s life in different ways. Mental health is a very important aspect of man that must be researched.

Students in different study areas such as Psychology, Counseling, Social work, nursing, and other related courses may be required to write on mental health. Since mental health is not often spoken about as physical health, students sometimes find it hard to relate to it. As such, coming up with a perfect mental health research topic seems quite hard.

Fortunately, we have taken it upon ourselves to make a research paper writing a seamless one. This feat we hope to achieve by compiling arrays of topics you can consider for your next research paper. This piece is dedicated to mental health research paper topics and you can find over 100 topics here. You can choose the best one for you, outline your research questions, and enjoy writing your research paper.


Mental Health Topics to Write About

Mental health involves other varying concepts such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and eating disorders. All of these are known as categorical aspects of mental health. There are quite a lot of interesting things to write about in a mental health research paper. If you wish to write in any of these categories, here are mental health topics to write about;

  1. What is the term mental health: Explaining the basics and aspects of mental health.
  2. Research into whether exposure to violent games can alter a kid’s mental health to become a killer?
  3. Defining the concept of a sociopath: Are they born or made?
  4. Self-affirmation for goal achieving and its establishment in mental awareness.
  5. The mental theory of loving yourself to be loved by others.
  6. What is the term OCD and what is the effect on human mental health?
  7. Is low self-esteem a form of mental disorder?
  8. The relationship between self-loathing and self-destruction.
  9. What is a mental health support group and how do they contribute to mental awareness?
  10. Bullying by an aggressive child: Mental health approach you can apply to curb it.
  11. Relationship with toxic friends and its implications on mental health.
  12. The act of feeling unloved and the right mental health interpretation for the feeling.
  13. The roles of supportive family and friends during hard times.
  14. Constant depression: Mental health implications and how to deal with it medically.
  15. Depression pills: The side effects of excessive usage and why the drugs should be regulated.
  16. Antidepressants in neurotics: The roles of antidepressants and the importance.
  17. How to live successfully and manage someone with mental health challenges. 
  18. Research on the need for access to relax pills for anxiety disorder victims.
  19. Addressing a mentally ill person as crazy: How bad is it and what are the implications?
  20. Feeling unloved and the mental health implication of such feeling.


Mental Illness Thesis Ideas

Mental illness is essentially an imbalance in the mental health of a person. It can either be a result of disorder, trauma, or other health challenges. Students can write a thesis to submit their research about any form of mental illness. Here are research questions about mental health that can be answered in your mental illness thesis; 

  1. Marginalization of the mentally ill in the society: A concrete study on this menace.
  2. Stigmatization of mental health and the implication on society.
  3. Mental illness in Nigerian society: Evaluating the inadequate measure in combating the issue and how to deal with it.
  4. Mental illness stigma and the consequence on the patient.
  5. Mental illness discourse: Embracing the topic in the school workplace.
  6. Analyzing the relationship between violence and mental illness.
  7. Analyzing how childhood abuse can metamorphose into mental illness.
  8. An analysis of the inappropriate portrayal of mental illness in Nigerian media.
  9. Mental illness medication: analyzing the harmful effects of certain medication on mental disorders.
  10. A detailed evaluation of the advancement in the methods and approach of mental illness treatments.
  11. Analyzing the breakthrough in mental health research in the 80s and 90s.
  12. Addressing common misconceptions about mental disorders among the older generations.
  13. A review on the ethically questionable research on mental health in the late 50s.
  14. Toxic internet culture and its effects on a mentally ill fellow.
  15. A critical look into the increase in reported cases of anxiety and depression among youths within the year 2000-2010.
  16. A study on the relationship between crime and mental illness.
  17. A study on drug abuse among students and its effects on mental health.
  18. Analyzing the nicotine content of certain drugs and its effects on mental health.
  19. Stage of mental health: Analyzing the early stage in contrast with the full-blown stage.
  20. Advancement in mental illness awareness and treatment: What impact has it had on society?


Mental Health Research Topics for College Students

Mental health is not only a course of study but also a form of mental awareness. As such, students in the college can as well review and submit their research on any related mental health topics. They can write about simpler aspects such as behavioral and emotional well-being. Here are mental health research questions college students can answer in their research paper;

  1. Research writing on the relationship between depression, mental health, and weight loss.
  2. Research on the rise in the case of eating disorders among adolescents and why.
  3. The modern media and the glamorization of mental illness.
  4. Rape: The long-lasting psychological effect and the effect on the mental health of the victim.
  5. A review of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among modern-day youths.
  6. The role of the positive portrayal of mental illness in movies has helped in reducing stigmatization.
  7. What is the link between violence in video games and a real-life situation?
  8. What is the effect of victim-blaming on the victims of rape?
  9. Research on the possibility of hereditary mental illness.
  10. Mental health education: Goals and what is the importance in our society?
  11. What is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and is it normal for an adult?
  12. What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and what are its harmful misconceptions?
  13. What is the link between mental wellness and physical health?
  14. Analyzing the complexity of bipolar disorder over ordinary mood swings.
  15. Comparing mental disorders in men and women: which one is more prevalent and why?
  16. Nollywood and mental illness: What role has Nollywood played in portraying mental health awareness?
  17. Social media and mental health: Has social media contributed to the stigmatization or destigmatization of mental disorders?
  18. Should mental health education be included in the school curriculum and why?
  19. Creating a safe space for patients with mental health challenges and why is it important?
  20. Reviewing the advancement and achievement in research on mental health.


Good Research Question About Mental Health

Mental health is a broad study area so to say. Not only that, it is an abstract part of man but most people rarely take cognizance of it. As such, when it is mentioned, a lot of people tend to ask a lot of questions. Here are good research questions on mental health you can answer in your research paper;

  1. Should children be allowed unhindered access to antidepressants?
  2. Why is it important to have access to mental health care for someone with mental illness?
  3. Why should mental health and mental health care be prioritized?
  4. What is the relationship between mental health care and self-care?
  5. What is responsible for the growth in mental health challenges among teenagers and young adults?
  6. What is causing growth in the rate of depression in third-world countries?
  7. What are the roles of poverty in the increased rate of mental health challenges?
  8. What changes is mental health education bringing to the treatment of mentally ill people?
  9. Why institutionalized bullying is dangerous for the mental health of vulnerable students?
  10. What is the importance of a mother’s mental health care after childbirth?
  11. Can children below the age of 10 have mental health challenges?
  12. How can sudden environmental changes alter children’s mental health?
  13. What triggered the rise of mental health awareness during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  14. What are the harmful effects of social media on the mental health of Youth?
  15. How can mental health discourse be fostered among the make gender?
  16. What roles can religion association play in the awareness of mental health?
  17. How can an individual prioritize personal mental care?
  18. What are the responsibilities of the Government in mental health awareness?
  19. How inadequate mental health orientation has sabotaged the war against mental health stigmatization?
  20. Why are students in Sciences prone to mental health challenges?


Mental Illness Research Topics

Mental illness is a term used for a kind of mental disorder or imbalance. It is a condition that affects the mind and the right processing of thoughts and actions. It is a critical aspect of mental health that must be carefully analyzed. Here are top research topics about mental health you can write on in this regard;

  1. Comparing sadness and depression: What are the similarities and differences?
  2. Analyzing the difference between bipolar diseases and mood swings.
  3. What are the pros and cons of treating mental disorders using medication?
  4. What is postpartum depression and what are the effects on family members?
  5. What is the connection between eating disorders and bullying?
  6. The media and mental illness: Analyzing the positive influence and the consequent stereotype.
  7. A study on serial killers and their childhood background.
  8. How does low self-esteem result in an eating disorder?
  9. Kleptomania: Definition of term and a review of its compulsive disorder.
  10. Do movies have a contribution to how people view mentally ill people?
  11. Sociopathy in children: What are the signs, symptoms, and possible correction measures?
  12. How does low self-esteem relate to suicidal thoughts?
  13. Paranoia and impulsive actions: Identifying the similarities and the differences.
  14. Mental illness and genetics: A case study of three generations with the issue of mental illness.
  15. What is the influence of past traumatic experiences on present behavior?
  16. Is an eating disorder a mental disorder or just a bad habit?
  17. Evaluating the media’s portrayal of mental illness over a given period.
  18. The positive and the negative effects of using antidepressants to curb depression.
  19. What are the factors responsible for mental health challenges in young adults?
  20. Investigating the causes of prevalent mental illness among people of 80 years and above.


Psychiatric Research Topics

Psychiatric is a field study that seeks to address challenges in mental health. Psychiatric can also be considered a medical field. Since it deals with mental health, it can also be featured in a mental health research paper. The following are research topics in psychiatric to write about;

  1. What are the harmful effects of tobacco addiction on human mental health?
  2. Schizophrenia: A detailed explanation and effective ways to treat it.
  3. Is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) more prevalent in adults or children?
  4. Comparing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Perfectionism: Where do we draw the line?
  5. Identifying symptoms of depression and applying measures to curtail it.
  6. Evaluating the impacts and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on people’s mental health.
  7. Depression: The psychology of depression and the factors that provoked it.
  8. Discussing Bipolar disorder and establishing it as a mental disease.
  9. How effective is talk therapy for a victim of suicidal thoughts?
  10. What is an anxiety disorder and what are the symptoms and remedies?
  11. Alcohol abuse is a mental disorder and measures to overcome it.
  12. Analyzing the adverse effects of antidepressants on brain functioning.
  13. What is the role of genetics as a yardstick for diagnosing mental illness?
  14. How does lack of good sleep relate to anxiety disorder?
  15. Psychiatric treatment in older people: what are the limitations and side effects?
  16. The excessive use of sedatives among young adults, the consequences, and how to prevent it.
  17. How does aging relate to the rate of depression in a person?
  18. Evaluating the effectiveness of using soul music as a treatment for mental illness in the 21st century.
  19. How to curb unhealthy family relationships when dealing with a child’s mental disorder.
  20. Evaluating postpartum depression as a leading cause of mental disorder in women.


Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

Psychiatric or mental health nursing is an important part of a mental health course. It plays an important role in giving answers to many examples of mental health research questions. It is also the aspect that gives the overview of how best to handle and relate with a psychiatrist patient. The following are the best psychiatric nursing research topics to consider;

  1. What are the challenges facing the nurses in the psychiatric medical field?
  2. What are the associated mental health risks while working as a psychiatrist nurse?
  3. Highlighting the good and the bad sides of a psychiatric nursing career.
  4. What is the importance of self-discipline as a psychiatrist nurse?
  5. Nursing theory in psychiatric: What are the approaches and guiding principles?
  6. What is the importance of talk therapy in psychiatric nursing?
  7. How do you deal with exposed trauma as a mental health nurse?
  8. What are the responsibilities of nurses in a psychiatric ward?
  9. Of what essence are skilled nurses in a clinical psychiatric ward?
  10. Associating effective patient recovery to the exceptional service by a psychiatrist nurse.
  11. Nursing in a psychiatrist ward: A practical experience and the professionalism required.
  12. Comparing the number of males and females in a psychiatrist nursing to evaluate if it is predominantly a woman’s job?
  13. Nursing staff shortage in the healthcare industry: What effect does this have on mental health treatment?
  14. What are the side effects of being a psychiatrist nurse?
  15. Anti-stigmatization of psychiatric patients: Evaluating the effectiveness among nurses in the psychiatrist ward.
  16. Can psychiatrist nurses be exempted from mental health challenges?
  17. What are the differences in the psychiatrist nursing practice in children and adult patients?
  18. Reasons mental health nursing should be a specialized healthcare role.
  19. Highlighting the benefits of mental health nursing.
  20. What are the forbidden practices in mental health nursing?



Mental health is an important aspect of health and psychology. The study area spread its tentacles across many other fields such as medicine, psychology, counseling, social work, and nursing. Students studying any of the courses are likely to write an academic paper on a research question about mental health.

Perhaps you have been finding it hard to get a topic for your next research paper? Here are a lot of research topics on mental health that you can write about. These topics have been simplified to give you an edge in your project research. Likewise, these topics are easy to develop and support seamless writing.

Mental health topic is a broad and can be a boring course. As such, you might be dealing with a high level of writer’s block and an inability to develop your research paper. That is not a problem as you can order an academic writing service on our platform. We have leagues of mental health experts who will deliver an error-free mental health research paper at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mental health research topics?
Common mental health research topics include the effectiveness of different therapies, the impact of social media on mental health, the prevalence of mental health disorders in specific populations, and the relationship between genetics and mental health.
How can mental health research benefit individuals and society?
Mental health research can benefit individuals by providing insights into effective treatments and improving diagnostic accuracy. In addition, it can benefit society by informing public policy and reducing the social and economic burden of mental health disorders.