Check 75 Neuroscience Topics

Neuroscience Topics

Different topics in neuroscience have been researched, leading to amazing discoveries that have enhanced our understanding of the nervous system and helped in developing solutions to health crises of neurological origin. But there are still many more discoveries to be made!

Writing a great research paper begins with a great topic! Choosing a good neuroscience topic can be a real struggle. Still, it becomes easier when you have a great list of neuroscience topics to help with your brainstorming process. We’ve collated a library of neuroscience research topics you can choose from.

Neuroscience is wide. Here, you’ll find neuroscience research paper topics in the different neuroscience disciplines. You can modify these topics to fit your academic interest or use them as they are. Let’s get started!


Neuroscience Research Topics

Neuroscience as the study of nervous systems involves research from many branches of science, including brain science, neurology, psychology, computer science, pharmacology, etc. Here is a list of neuroscience research topics on diverse areas to check out:

  1. In what ways do specific genes contribute to the growth of specific brain tumors?
  2. How can brain tumors be detected using urine or blood plasma test?
  3. What are the drugs for the treatment of brain tumors?
  4. What are the consequences of fetal exposure to drugs of abuse?
  5. How does insomnia in teens affect cognitive function?
  6. What is the neurocircuitry of a first-time mother experiencing postpartum depression?
  7. In what ways do multiple morbidities influence neurodegenerative disorders?
  8. What is the neuropathology of traumatic brain injury?


Cognitive Neuroscience Topics

Here are some topics in cognitive neuroscience that you may find interesting:

  1. Does exposing babies to music improve their cognitive development?
  2. How does neuro-infectious disease impair cognitive ability?
  3. What is the neurocircuitry of decision-making?
  4. Can music help restore memory?
  5. What are the effects of caffeine intake on neurodegenerative disorders?
  6. What is the neuroscience behind decision fatigue?
  7. How does music influence learning patterns in children?
  8. Which therapeutic interventions can be used to increase cognition in schizophrenia?


Behavioral Neuroscience Research Topics

These behavioral neuroscience topics are great for your dissertation project or college thesis!

  1. Does the sleep cycle of a mother affect the sleep pattern after birth?
  2. Effects of sugar intake on the mood of a child.
  3. What is the neurobiology of social behavior?
  4. Effects of smartphone addiction on cognitive development of children.
  5. What are the effects of COVID-19 on behavior and personality?
  6. What’s the neurocircuitry involved in the development of cocaine addiction?
  7. Circadian neurobiology in fetuses.


Neuroscience Research Topics for College Students

As a college student, this list of neuroscience topics for research paper is a great way to come up with a great research study:

  1. Effects of black tea on the human circadian rhythm.
  2. Neuro-regeneration of the brain following physical trauma to internal organs.
  3. How does the manipulation of specific brain neurons enhance long-term memory?
  4. Relationship between migraine and sleep disorders.
  5. Exploring the neuro-inflammatory mechanism of pain.
  6. Exploring lucid dreaming as a form of therapy to quit an addiction.
  7. Drugs that promote cognitive abilities.


Interesting Neuroscience Topic

Here is a list of interesting neuroscience research topics for high school students and students at other levels of education:

  1. What neurological risks do young adults that play high-impact sports face?
  2. How do omega-3 fatty acids affect brain development in fetuses?
  3. In what ways do emotions affect how humans interact on social media?
  4. Exploring fish oil for cognitive development in babies.
  5. Novel supplements that promote brain health in persons with Neurodegenerative disorders.
  6. Effects of loneliness on brain functions.
  7. What are the causes of seizures in persons with COVID-19.



Hot Topics in Neuroscience

It’s always a good idea to look into trending neuroscience research topics. Check out the list of some of the hottest topics in neuroscience:

  1. What effects does the coronavirus have on the human brain?
  2. Novel ways to bypass the blood-brain barrier in chemotherapy.
  3. Treatment of glioblastoma based on sexuality.
  4. What measures can be set to weaken the resistance of tumor cells to chemotherapy?
  5. Imaging the release of neurotransmitters by drugs of abuse.
  6. Ways to promote the repair of genes that proliferate brain tumor growth.
  7. What is the neurobiology of stress in persons with atypical brain function?


Social Neuroscience Topics

Social neuroscience is a discipline of neuroscience that examines how an individual’s social processes and behavior are mediated by the brain. Check out the following list of neuroscience topics in social neuroscience:

  1. Impact of family care on persons with Neurodegenerative diseases.
  2. Evaluation of the awareness and knowledge of Parkinson’s disease in young adults.
  3. Long-term effects of social media addiction on mental health.
  4. Exploring the extent of peer pressure on decision-making in teenagers.
  5. What is the influence of celebrity role models on the social habits of young adults?
  6. How does the social environment contribute to the temperament and personality of a child?


Health Topics In Neuroscience

These neuroscience topics in healthcare will make for excellent research studies at collegiate and graduate levels:

  1. Effects and treatment of traumatic brain injury in children.
  2. Neurological side effects of COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. Young Onset Parkinson’s disease: Early detection and relevant therapeutic interventions.
  4. Relationship between Narcolepsy and Parkinson’s disease.
  5. Is Alzheimer’s disease influenced by cardiovascular health?
  6. Evaluating young adults’ awareness and knowledge of dementia.
  7. What is the mechanism of the blood-brain barrier in infectious diseases?



Current Topics in Neuroscience

You can do your research on some of the current topics in neuroscience. Take a look at some current neuroscience topics!

  1. Evaluation of individual’s mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. What are the mechanisms of gene expression in pain?
  3. How does alcohol affect the progression of dementia?
  4. Lifestyle choices that promote the tendency of developing dementia.
  5. What are the genetic factors that influence the development of multiple sclerosis?

Cool Neuroscience Topics

Check out this list of neuroscience topics that is sure to impress your thesis supervisor:

  1. What are the effects of 5G cellular technology on the brain?
  2. Development of mutation adaptive vaccine for brain cancers.
  3. Detection of transformation of benign brain tumor to malignant tumor using a blood test.
  4. What is the relationship between Restless Legs Syndrome and brain function?
  5. What are the neural mechanisms underlying drug abuse?
  6. Brain imaging of infant with autism.
  7. How does virtual reality in the metaverse affect brain functions?


Controversial Topics in Neuroscience

This is a collection of controversial topics in neuroscience being discussed today. Check to see which one captures your attention:

  1. Euthanasia: Should individuals be allowed to kill themselves with the assistance of doctors?
  2. What is the neuroscience of mind reading?
  3. Should death be declared on the ground of critical neurological injury even when biological processes remain intact?
  4. Using electrical brain stimulation to improve creative cognition.
  5. Who should take responsibility if a brain-controlled robot drops a baby?
  6. Should biotech companies be permitted to regenerate the brains of the dead?



So there you have it, a collection of 75 topics in neuroscience to consider for a great research paper. Ready to write? You’ve got this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular neuroscience research topics?
Popular neuroscience research topics include neuroplasticity, cognitive development, brain-computer interfaces, neurodegenerative diseases, and the neural basis of emotions and behavior.
What are some potential career options for someone with a degree in neuroscience?
Some potential career options for someone with a degree in neuroscience include working as a research scientist, a clinical neuropsychologist, or a science writer or journalist. Other career options include working as a medical science liaison or in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry.