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We have been there! Writing a dissertation can be demanding. Sometimes, you wonder how to even start or conclude, on other occasions you're just stuck on how to fit in the body.

In case you're wondering what all the fuss about the dissertation is, let me give you a hint. Dissertations are compulsory long essays written to complete the requirements for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. This also invariably means that Dissertation help and assistance can be provided at any level of study which includes Ph.D. dissertation help or master's dissertation help.

Now that you know what a dissertation is, you'll agree without argument that everyone writing a dissertation or thesis surely needs assistance. If no dissertation writing help is needed, then why do universities assign professors to every project statement, thesis and dissertation?

Requesting help for dissertations is not a new trend. Most graduates in the US have at one point or the other request help with their dissertations. A recent survey showed that there is a 20% increase in the number of people who request help for their dissertation in 2021 compared to 2020.


Reasons Why Students Seek Help With Dissertation

Due to differences in study climates, dissertation supervisor needs, or individual preferences, it is difficult to generalize the reason why most students seek help writing a dissertation.

However, the following are common reasons that encourage students who need dissertation help.

  • Lack of Supervisor's Assistance

Many project supervisors are guilty of neglecting their students. The reasons for this are not entirely clear. It may be because of work overload on the supervisor or just pure nonchalant neglect. Regardless of why they do that, this neglect pushes the students to seek help with dissertation writing.

  • Unreasonable deadlines

Deadlines are a common thing in universities and schools generally. Although rare, these deadlines may be unreasonable. Especially when it comes to students who need to gather research data, analysis, and questionnaires before even thinking of putting their document into writing

  • Lack of Motivation

If there is another word for laziness on the student's part, it is lack of motivation. However, lack of motivation is the perfect grammar that describes why tasks are not done or while someone is hired to do them.

Sometimes, a lack of motivation may arise because the entire degree and research topic is the idea of the supervisor and does not spark enough interest in the student.

  • Stress

Needless to say, the stress that comes with dissertation writing is massive and it takes only the strong at heart with a bit of determination to pull through.

Well, we were all raised under different conditions, and the way we see obstacles is different. Hence, it is understandable if this requirement does not apply to everyone. However, this is a major reason why students hire hands for dissertation help


Getting PhD Dissertation Help

The requirements of each PhD study and dissertation are different. There is always a need to specify the standards of your essay as requested by your professor to any professional writer who is going to handle it.

A custom dissertation is not something difficult. It is usually a traditional dissertation with a little addition or subtraction. That is, there are headings, tables, or charts you would be instructed by your project supervisors to add to improve the standards of your essay due to its specificity.

When getting help with PhD dissertation, you can supply your writer with a sample dissertation as provided by your supervisor.

The writer, if he is good enough, is expected to identify how different the sample is from the standard and pick up changes like font requirement, the structure of chapters and headings, labeling of charts and tables, citing of references, and much more.

When seeking help on writing a dissertation, You can also ask the writers opinion on the following

  1. Abstract
  2. Literature review
  3. Introduction
  4. Indexes
  5. Methodology
  6. Discussion
  7. And results

His opinion on these chapters should be enough to convince you if he is good for the job or not.


Getting a Master's Dissertation Help

A master dissertation, often called a thesis, is very similar to that of a doctoral level. Just like a PhD Dissertation, it is one of the largest volumes of writing you will ever be faced with as a scholar.

However, generally, a Master's thesis is more focused and is lesser in volume than a PhD research essay. Nevertheless, due to the specificity in requirements, Master's dissertation needs to be paid attention to.

Therefore, price should be the least of the criteria when you want to choose. A good job and High pay may or may not be directly proportional. You can use the aforementioned tips written under PhD Dissertation to properly screen your potential writers and select the best possible candidate when getting help with writing a dissertation.


Is Getting Custom Dissertation Help Illegal?

No law criminalizes getting help for your dissertation. Absolutely anyone can consult a professional to help with writing dissertations without any legal consequences.

However, the only issue raised by researchers is the ethical standpoints. Some people believe that hiring someone to write your dissertations for you and then get an A is fraudulent.

On the other hand,  others believe that since you are assigned a professor by the university to assist in writing the dissertations. They already knew you needed a form of assistance. What happens to extra help?

Regardless of the school of thought, the legality of hired hands in dissertations has never been a question as long as it is not plagiarized.


How to get the best dissertation help service?

Meeting someone in person or visiting a good website for your dissertation work is surely the most considerable method of getting dissertation help.

However, choosing the best service contact for dissertation work is not as easy as it seems.

If you're walking up to a professional in real life, ensure that such a person has a very strong recommendation. There must be evidence of a job well done from university seniors, course, or faculty mates. This would ease any form of tension that may build up even before the work is delivered.

If you seek help writing your dissertation online and you don't know where to go. You can simply search on Google and pay attention to the list of companies and services they render. You would want to consider the companies on the top lists.

Nevertheless, you can get suggestions on which website to look into in the heading below.


Dissertation writing help: Getting Dissertation Help Online

Seeking Dissertation help online is laden with a lot of pros and cons. Every Bachelor's, Master and PhD student are surrounded by thoughts that have complicated the use of online help for dissertations. It often revolves around what they stand to gain or lose at the end of the day.



  • High Quality

Assessing the right website online will guarantee a world-class paper standard. Most employees of these sites are renowned and well trained in the field of choice. Meeting specific standards of your supervisor is usually a piece of cake. A reliable online service will write High-quality paper from the scratch for you.


  • Meeting deadlines

I don't know if it is magic or something online writers always have a way with deadlines. If you have your money, you can bring up the most ridiculous deadline ever and it will still be met.

For any student, this should be the most attractive thing about online writing. The fact that you won't need to face the wrath of your supervisor when deadlines are not mean is peak peace.


  • Editing and Proofreading is a Plus

Most online writers always offer free proofreading and editing services when the initial tasks are given to them.

The truth is most project supervisors always have archaic, updated, or stereotyped ways they want their Student's dissertation to look like. Conforming with that on the first try is very rare even for the best writers.

Editing and conforming to this stereotype is made easy by the online writer as they edit them free for writers who have initially given them the job.



  • Risk of Plagiarism

Most students prefer affordable online writing resource and this on its own carries a danger of it own- Plagiarism.

Cheap online writers mostly submit cheap tasks. Writing a standard PhD Dissertation will cost a tangible amount of cash. Writing a paper at a ridiculous price is surely a call to a plagiarism ladden dissertation.


  • No improvement

If you consistently refer to writers to help in your dissertations, projects, or any academic papers. Definitely, you can't improve yourself or hone your academic paper writing skill.


  • Finding someone who is a specialist

The big issue with employing someone to write is to find a Specialist.

Many online writers lie about their resumes. In fact, they have multiple resumes for different writing tasks and applications even though they are different fields. Getting someone skilled in a particular area of study is quite difficult.



The debate about the ethics and legality of employing someone to help you write a dissertation is not something that starts today. However, students should go through paths that will make them better individuals in the area of study.

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